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Ways to keep real estate in your portfolio

Way One
REITS. Real Estate Investment Trusts. These take the form of stocks and sometimes ETFs and mutual funds. Usually stocks because ofthe tax advantages. Many people do this, but that does not mean it’s right for you. India hasnt developed this market yet due to taxation outlooks and limit issues.

Way Two​
Buying Real Estate. There’s more than one way to do this of course. The key is to be sure to account for all of the cost variables and to know in advance what your “out game” is. That means know up front why it’s time to sell. Don’t wait for some future date, where you’re more likely to “stay invested” even though you shouldn’t be.

Way Three
Commercial real estate is yet another possibility. It generally costs considerably more, but depending on your portfolio, that might be the right direction. It gives you the ability to get good rental returns as well as well as capital appreciation

Way Four
Back to residential rentals, there’s this recent “upstart” called AirBnB, Oyo, Zo , Treebo and other smaller scale startup. It actually might make sense for you to include such a thing in your portfolio. Maybe not, but it should definitely be reviewed.

Way Five
real estate equity partnerships with developers, although this is more capital intensive, its surely a good form of holding equity and debt.

Way Six
Real estate debt, not a very attractive option, as many do not prefer it these days, but surely on the cards