Land for sale- Ahmedabad

Land for sale ahmedabad

Land for sale off S.G.Road
1396 Sq Meter Plot –
Land for sale ahmedabad

Plot is being on a 30M proposed road, all future planning of TPO roads are said to be made on the width of the road, in relation to the height of the building. Can be used as a residential Home
Ahmedabad’s urban planning has been created on the land parcels , known as TP schemes and allocation of a certain percentage of the plots in the TP schemes to be cut out and left for roads, and other social functions of the urban authority of Ahmedabad. This makes these TP schemes self sufficient to generate income for the government, when people start trading and generate income. The model has been highly successful and is shared by a common development plan of the whole area. The urban authority plans to set the height of the building in reference to the width of the road and in sufficient transit oriented zones. These transit oriented zones are favorable areas to stay due to close connectivity to the public transport of the city and creates good roadways in dense areas. The current plot which is Land for sale is located on a 30m road .
The current property is located on TP 204 and has good connectivity with S.G. Road and Ambli Bopal Road. The plot is located in makarba.The plots TP no is 163/2

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