Joint Development / Re- Development

Joint Development/Re-development in ahmedabad

Redevelopment ahmedabad, Joint development in ahmedabad
Redevelopment in ahmedabad

Have any property and looking for redevelopment or Joint development on it, we will assess the property based on data and give you a deal within one week of your request. If you are looking at construction partner or equity, we can help with the same, we design,develop and do selling of the property thus maintaining the whole life cycle of the property. Abhishree Properties has been in the construction sector since the past 40 Years and will deliver in terms of sales and development. Please fill in the form to connect with you

If looking at only development:
If looking for development only contract we take between 4-6%+2% of value of the project depending upon the size and risks involved in the project. We also will be having performance incentives if we are able to achieve company’s expected hurdle rate if it is realistic.

While looking to enter into a joint development with us, please ensure understanding of some simple points to source a good deal

Points to decide on

land valuation based on projects to be developed and expected returns
Quantum of upfront deposit and terms of such deposit
Sharing of economic risks and rewards
Legal liabilities and responsibilities of development as also recourse to the customers, etc.
roles and responsibilities of each of the parties – involvement of land owner in the project;
control and possession of land to be shared by both the parties;
entitlement of FSI to be received in future, if any;
right to mortgage land and raise finance;
marketing and branding of the project;
right to enter into sale agreement with third party customers;
demarcation of built-up area in the project;

After looking at these factors please enter into the form below. You will be contacted only by the best of our representatives.

What are we looking for
–> A great location – A great neighborhood

A projects motto lies in not only the design and functionality but also the ability to develop and grow financially there and in the neighbourhood. We look to create value in our development.