Ahmedabad wants more of the best land

The pace of the Ahmadabad home construction has been better but not picked much from a year ago. One reason is the shortage of land, developers are having a tough time finding prime land at prices they’re willing to pay. There are few areas in the city where the supply of lots and office complexes is too low. More expensive homes require much premium plots of land which are very difficult to come by. Low interest rates could also be affecting landowners willingness to sell. Some may be holding on to the property because they have to put their assets somewhere in other instruments, and there’s not much else out there to make a return. Some landowners a rent selling because they expect even better prices. If you’re a land seller, you can probably get an all-time high price for your land today. Values rose significantly more in market such as vastrapur.
This shortage doesnt affect all the marketable land. There’s plenty of land in the state, but its all in out-lying areas far from the job centers So the demand to buy homes in those outlying areas is lower, and also the cost to build have also risen. Its the biggest headache one can imagine. It takes tremendous amount of time and basically ingenuity to know how to weave your way through the offices and get a permit and get things done.

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