Abhishilp Complex

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Abhishilp Complex, a Commercial Property

Abhishilp Complex is a one of the commercial Property built by Sarthav Group which is leading real estate group in Ahmedabad. It is a commercial property comprising of office spaces, showrooms, and Bank. This Commercial Complex is built on thumping 50,000 sq. ft. of shops and offices located on judges bunglow road, vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

A good ambiance of Abhishilp Complex can pacify mind and create a soothing effect; it can accelerate one’s working capacities by inspiring higher thoughts.

Sanjay Sutaria, Dharmen Sutaria and Jignesh Shah of Sarthav Groups have created exactly that with their new project – Abhishilp Complex. A visually appealing elevation and classy interiors are just some of the outstanding features. Abhishilp Complex is a commercial property, with three open sides. These uniquely designed Abhishilp complex equipped with an impressive variety of amenities including lifts and ample parking spaces. Abhishilp complex also offers ample parking area for visitors.

With rich experience as the backbone, the latest presentation of Sarthav group, Abhishilp Complex is a blend of inspiring ambiance and exclusive facilities.

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