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Mr.Shailesh Goel

It’s a pleasure to get well-planned and well-managed commercial services like we get in Abhishree Corporate Park. We are happy to have our office with best of amenities in the block and the surrounding area. Our employees are enjoying their work because of the excellent atmosphere. I would like to express my appreciation for the services in Abhishree Corporate Park to Sarthav Group . The next commercial office I invest will have the Trademark name of “Abhishree”. I am looking forward to maintain our relationship with Sartav Group for many years to come.

Mr.Kishor Singh

I had been looking to invest in India for a while, but making a choice was a difficult task, as real estate is a big money investment. Having this in mind, I had come down to India for a wedding in the month of December of 2008, during this time I came to know about Abhishree Residency-2, through one of my cousins.
I visited Sarthav Group’s office the following morning to know more about the project, I was impressed by the way I was guided by the officials working there. All my doubts and worries were sorted out by them in a very friendly way. After I had made a decision to buy the property, I was given a constant support and help whenever needed, especially with the legal issues and construction updates.
I am glad I made an investment in the Abhishree Residency-2, as the value of the property has appreciated in a brilliant manner. I guess if I make another investment in India, I will probably go with Sarthav Group and I would recommend them to my friends and family back in the UK as well.


Which floor to High rise office building

Living on top floors:(Why select a top floor)

With an ever increasing urban population and need for urban living space, it is inevitable that we live on the higher levels. “One of the major benefits of living on the top floor is the good lighting and ventilation,” says Prasana Kesavan, chief architect of Studio 7 Consultants Pvt Ltd, a Chennai-based architecture consultancy firm.

“They are also comparatively secure and have a good view which some people crave for. Capital appreciation is comparatively faster on the upper floors as well,” says Mohammad Hisham, owner of Hisham Architects, another Chennai-based architecture firm.

What to consider. Both, Hisham and Kesavan, advise that buyers looking to stay on the upper floors of a high-rise building must focus on the material used in windows. It has to be of very good and reliable quality. Generally, un-plasticised poly (vinyl chloride) is used to make windows. The frame has to be durable to sustain the wind load during extreme conditions.

One must also check if weather proofing has been done properly or not. Emergency evacuation is another major factor that must never be ignored. Safe and proper provisions to prevent or safely deal with fire outbreaks must be part of the structure.

Slum Redevelopment

The Gujarat government is ready with new policies for housing and slum redevelopment, under which it will give over 3.0 FSI (Floor Space Index) as well as transferable developmental rights (TDRs). This is expected to give a big boost to the state’s real estate sector.

Under the new policy, redevelopment of private housing colonies will also be allowed. The new policy will also encourage vertical growth and make 12storey buildings mandatory for slum redevelopment. It will also permit sale of commercial space on prime land.

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Real Estate in ahmedabad

We always set targets with meetings with our customers and they tell us in confidence what they want . This can create healthy relationships between the buyer and seller. Operations and product development have become keen in development of a project.  Investors can bag a discount of maximum of 30% of the market value of a ready property than an under construction property.

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